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APD shares the expertise, tools, and techniques we leverage in our consulting practice. In addition to in-person training and virtual courses (including online live sessions coupled with on-demand videos), we offer customer-specific programs for companies that want to host training tailored for their teams.

  • Cost Management Certification – Focuses on identifying, analyzing, and negotiating better pricing with suppliers. Participants complete a course project that delivers real-time value applying the methods taught in the course.

  • Strategic Negotiations – Negotiation skills training that addresses the types of negotiations most often encountered in manufacturing buy/sell negotiations: initial sourcing, design changes, economics requests and annual cost reductions.

  • Advanced Negotiations Course – Building on fundamental negotiation strategies and tactics, this program focuses on proven techniques to foster more productive communications for better negotiation outcomes.

  • Commodity Leadership Certification – Commodity management course providing knowledge, skills and take-away tools to build and implement effective commodity strategies.

  • Strategic Sourcing Workshop – A hands-on workshop combining training in APD’s straightforward Strategic Sourcing process with a real-world market test to quickly optimize your company’s commodity buy for direct materials or indirect spend.

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