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Prep for U.S. / Canadian Customs & Duty Drawback Audits

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Prep for U.S. / Canadian Customs & Duty Drawback Audits

We have led successful audits for U.S. and Canadian Customs and Border Patrol. It requires detailed work, and we pay attention to every small detail to make you pass the audit. We will put everything in a comprehensive package for you.

We check your import and export documentation and ensure all your paperwork is in order. We make sure you are in compliance and that your products are consistent with all requisite customs statutes and regulations. We also ensure you have comprehensive and transparent trade compliance systems in place.

Traceability is crucial. We will work with you to be certain you have all the information concerning where the product is made from raw materials to finished goods and by whom.

We will make sure all your import/export documentation and agreements are in compliance and will satisfy U.S. and Canadian audit requirements.

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