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Employment & Labor Law

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Dean & Fulkerson attorneys advise and counsel private and public sector employers on litigation avoidance techniques and compliance with applicable state and federal regulations.

  • Affirmative Action.

  • Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Arbitration.

  • Civil Rights and Discrimination.

  • Collective Bargaining.

  • Contract Negotiations.

  • EEOC and MDCR Agency Matters.

  • Employee Benefit Plans.

  • Employment Contracts.

  • Employee Handbooks.

  • Family Medical Leave Act.

  • Hiring, Terminations, and Layoffs.

  • Wage and Hour Issues under Fair Labor Standards Act and Michigan Law.

  • Litigation.

  • Mediation.

  • MESC Agency Matters.

  • NLRB Matters.

  • OSHA Matters.

  • Plant Closings.

  • Privacy Rights.

  • Reductions in Force.

  • Separation, Non-Competition and Confidentiality Issues.

  • Union-Management Relations.

  • Workers’ Disability Compensation.

  • Wrongful Discharge. 

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