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Sandie Hudak

Sandie Hudak

Sandie Hudak

VP of Northern Michigan Operations

As vice president, Northern Michigan Operations, Sandra Hudak is the conduit for Arcadia Alliances northern Michigan operations.

Her responsibilities are two-fold.

She works with companies in the area ready to export products or launch new operations overseas. Working together with the Arcadia Alliances team, she helps them with strategic planning and provides them with a step-by-step export plan as well as information on market trends and opportunities overseas.

Sandie also works with companies looking to open operations in northern Michigan, providing them with real estate opportunities and, working with the Arcadia Alliances team, provides them with a business analysis of the area.

A native of northern Michigan, Sandie has a keen interest in Michigan and northern Michigan and helping local businesses grow their operations and help improve and facilitate economic growth in the area.

She spent 30 years working as a registered medical assistant. That unique experience gave her excellent communications skills and attention to detail and quality control that easily transfer to working with our clients.

Sandie also coordinates Arcadia Travel & Tour, which offers hassle-free travel so our corporate and individual clients can break away from the ordinary and visit beautiful northern Michigan with ease.

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