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James Hudak

Jim Hudak

James Hudak

President & CEO

James S. Hudak, President and CEO, Michigan Alliances Group and Arcadia Alliances

A proven professional, James Hudak has spent 35 years launching successful start-up businesses in new markets for major global companies. He has experience in every aspect of business, including global operations, sales and business development, strategic planning, marketing and engineering.

Jim has developed and implemented global product line strategies and has expertise in mentoring and team building.

His strategic plans, market analysis and global product line strategies, as well as his ability to manage cross-functional and multi-cultural staff, have led to new businesses around the globe. He will use his expertise and experience to help your company open successful operations globally.

Most recently, Jim served as president and CEO of Asahi Tec North America, a subsidiary of Topy Industries, a $2.5 billion Japanese supplier of transportation and construction components. Asahi Tec North America supplied aluminum wheels for auto companies in North America.

In that role he selected and managed accounting partners, benefit providers, insurance providers, EDI systems and accounting and financial reporting systems. He also negotiated and managed contracts with supplier partners and secured and administered large scale U.S.-based loans and credit lines.


Jim negotiated a contract with the company’s first North American customer to supply one million wheels annually, the largest program in Asahi Tec’s history. After only two years, Asahi Tec North America was Topy’s most profitable division, with double digit EBIT results.

Prior to that he was a full-time advisor to Asahi Tec focusing on developing strategies that would establish the company’s footprint with European and North American automakers. The strategic plan he developed opened the door for new business with companies in the U.S., Europe and Asia resulting in new opportunities of more than $350 million.

Jim’s relationship with Asahi Tec began when he was managing director, Asia Pacific for Metaldyne Corp., a $2 billion automotive supplier. As the key executive in Asia-based mergers and acquisitions for Metaldyne, he took the lead in the sale of the company to Japan-based Asahi Tec and headed a commercial integration committee for the new company.

At Metaldyne Jim served as managing director, Asia Pacific in charge of growing the company’s Asian business. He was responsible for regional commercial, engineering, human resources, operational functions and strategic development. His strategies more than doubled the size of company’s global Asian OEM business from 10% of sales to 22% over a five year period.

He was also the representative director for Metaldyne Japan, chairman of the board for Metaldyne India, and a board member of Metaldyne China and Korea.

Jim previously served on the West Point Parents Club of Michigan leadership team. The non-profit organization helps cadets, graduates and families of West Point navigate cadet life.

Jim holds a Bachelor of Arts in international relations from James Madison College at Michigan State University and did his internship at the United Nations.

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